In accordance with the Peace Officer Merit System Act, the County Council has established a Peace Officer Merit Commission that is a bipartisan body, consisting of three members who are appointed by the Council for staggered six-year terms.
Among other things, this system provides processes to ensure fair and impartial treatment of applicants, addresses compensation and benefits, and a system for promotional advancement through competitive testing for Salt Lake County Deputy Sheriffs, Correctional Officers and Protective Service Officers.
The Merit Commission also provides a formal procedure for processing appeals and grievances of employees without discrimination, coercion, restraint, or reprisal.


  • Ken Wallentine, Chair
  • David Salazar, Vice Chair
  • Martha Stonebrook

Merit Commission Staff

  • Carita Lucy
    Merit Commission Administrator
    Sheriff's Office HR
  • Sgt Laughlin
    Merit Commission Coordinator
    Sheriff's Office HR

General Information

POMC Policies Procedures

Section I: Organization, Operation, and Procedures

Section II: Recruitment and Appointment to Career Service