Abravanel Hall
Fine Arts

Public Safety Bureau has provided a law enforcement presence for Abravanel Hall since 1978. The hall seats 2,811 patrons for a variety of events including, classical and contemporary symphonies, tours of famous musicians and comedians, and even political events. It is home to the Utah Symphony.

Summertime at Abravanel Hall hosts the Outdoor Retailers Expo. Winter at Abravnel Hall is the Utah Symphony and Holiday performance season. This is the peak season for the officers at Abravanel Hall, since it is when the majority of patrons attend performances.

Unique duties specific to this location

Abravanel Hall is host to many events. In late spring it is the site for many graduation ceremonies including East High, West High, Judge Memorial Catholic High, Waterford and Western Governors University. Our officers provide a law enforcement presence for these graduation ceremonies. Our officers are a critical part in ensuring the safety of the attendees.