Clark Planetarium
Fine Arts

The Clark Planetarium was opened in April 2003. It offers a variety of educational exhibits on astronomy topics, two theaters, snack bar and retail store. Clark Planetarium is open 365 days a year. Often school groups and private parties will frequent the planetarium for events.

Since the opening of Clark Planetarium, Public Safety Bureau has provided an officer for weekend and evening hours. Officers serve as a reference for information as well as a visual deterrence to unwanted behavior. Being aware of whom and where people are in the building is critical to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the patrons.

Unique duties specific to this location

Because of the proximity to Traxx and the mall, the volume of patrons to monitor can be quite staggering at times. Youth groups and school groups present their own challenges when children are unsupervised or unaccounted for. Late night weekends brings in a distinctly different more adult crowd for the Cosmic Light Shows. The renovation of the IMAX Theater to show feature-length movies has also increased the number of patrons.