Salt Lake County
Public Works
County Site

The Public Works complex houses Public Works Administration, Fleet operations, auto shops, machine shops, electrical shop, sign shop, testing lab and storage for various materials. The complex is open during normal business hours. After-hours and weekends still remain busy for employees with routine activities like garbage pickup and snow removal.

Public Safety Bureau provides the physical security of the location. The complex is a large area to cover and requires a facility lockup and patrolling often to prevent and respond to criminal activity. The complex has restricted access on weekends, officers enforce the access control.

Unique duties specific to this location

Another primary role is as dispatch after-hours related to all Public Works emergency calls. Often that will be mundane reports of a street sign down or pothole problem that need documented and passed on. During the winter and spring, County snow removal calls and flooding issues are a regular occurrence. Calls of that nature are the ones that require officers to dispatch Public Works employees to respond. Phone and radio traffic can become quite challenging during a busy snow storm.