Rose Wagner Theater
Fine Arts

Since 1997 Public Safety Bureau has provided security for Rose Wagner Theater. Rose Wagner contains three theatres, locally crafted artwork, and a rotating art gallery. The Center hosts over 300 events a year, is home to some of Salt Lake’s emerging and established artist community.

With large numbers of patrons at Rose Wagner, officers routinely respond to assist with the unexpected. They can be medical problems, lost children, property damage or criminal activity. Officers are trained to manage situations quickly and effectly to ensure safety of the patrons.

Unique duties specific to this location

Rose Wagner is a venue host to the Sundance Film Festival. This event brings celebrities and directors to the opening debut of their films. Several officers are required to ensure the security and proximity of our high profile guests.

So You Think You Can Dance is another major event that Rose Wagner has hosted. Officers work in the background to maintain safety for the participants and onlookers that crowd around the event.