Youth Services
County Site

Youth Services are administrative offices, the Juvenile Receiving Center, Christmas Box House and housing for short and long term stays. The office for Public Safety Bureau is in the JRC building. The facility functions as housing for low level youth offender. It also acts as a safe house for homeless youth and long term home for children in State care.

Officers are on duty during the busiest and most high risk time of day. Weekends tend to be more volatile than the weekdays with clients being more restless and more brought in from home. The officer is a deterrent for those youth that may try causing problems.

Unique duties specific to this location

The facility has children as young as newborn and clients as old as eighteen. While the goal is to move them all to other more permanent housing, often clients will stay at Youth Services for several weeks or even months. The average stay is only a few days however. Regardless of the time of stay, it is still a chance for officers to have positive interaction with the client.

The greatest challenge to officers at Youth Service is that it is not a lockdown facility. Because of clients coming and going fairly routinely, extra vigilance must be maintained to watch for illegal items and activities. At the same time, many of the children housed at Youth Services are victims of crimes themselves. It is important for officers to be able to appropriately respond to both groups.